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Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.
- Benjamin Franklin

About Ghost Call

Every phone call you make is at risk. The risk is snooping, either by government or network users. Most calls traverse the world via VoIP and both the metadata and voice data are sent unencrypted.

We created Ghost Call to change all of that. It is a unique service that allows you to make secure anonymous calls.

How does Ghost Call protect you? In short... we don't! Ghost Call believes only one thing should be trusted, the things you can see, for this we use Linphone. Linphone is open source, which means the software can be peer reviewed by anyone, at anytime. Ghost Call does the call setup, your presence is managed by Ghost Call, of course TOR exits support TLS SIP, so use TOR if you don't want your public IP exposed to Ghost Call.

Ghost Call recommends ZRTP media encryption. ZRTP media encryption allows for both Diffie Hellman key exchange and audible key matching, this verifies that your call is encrypted from end to end! Linphone doesn't support ZRTP hash, this is a feature! ZRTP hash allows a MITM (Man In The Middle) and creates a risk of decryption, because the SIP proxy is actually in the trust chain. This means if ZRTP hash was allowed, you could be spied on! Read More on ZRTP

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apt-get install linphone

How To Verify A Secure Call

Video Calling Also Works!

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It is recommended you use a PROXY for sign up, or visit us using TOR or Tor2Web Link

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Ghost Call cost?

Nothing! Ghost Call is offered 100% free of charge.

Why should we trust you?

You shouldn't! You should never "just trust" anyone. This is why we use Linphone, an open source client. You are able to look at the code and see that there is nothing "fishy" going on. Also, you can check for yourself that the connection is secure by trying to "Man In The Middle" yourself.

Can I call any number I want?

No. Ghost Call can only call other Ghost Call numbers.

How can we contact you?

You can email us at, or Ghost Call us: (490)-628-2381

I like what you are doing, can I peer with you?

Yep! Please drop us a line at, or Ghost Call us: (490)-628-2381

Do You Store Call Records?

During the beta period logs are kept for 24 hours, once beta is complete there will be no call log records.

Do You Have Voicemail?

Not right now, we are working on a solution to do encrypted voicemails.

How do you dial someone?

Just dial their 10 digit Ghost Call number. No need for the country code or anything.

Can I call a Ghost Call user from outside of Ghost Call?

Yes! You can dial US +1 (860)-970-0130 from any landline or mobile, then enter the Ghost Call Number. This call however will NOT be encrypted.

Would you rather fight one horse-sized duck, or a hundred duck-sized horses?

If privacy is at stake, both, at the same time.